3rd Grade Spelling Website:

  • 40 Printable Third Grade Word Lists

    Each word lists was designed to be used each week. This is a 40 week program to learn the full 3rd grade word list.

  • Word Lists Introduction Lesson

    The weekly word lists starts off with an interactive word list lesson to introduce third grade students to their new word list.

  • Hangman Style Game

    Practice word lists with HangAbot Game which offers students a fun way to master their word list.

  • Word Jumble Game

    This fun lesson jumbles up the word's letters and allows for kids to correct order the letters to spell the word.

  • Spelling Bee

    The online spelling bee simulates an live spelling bee, another fun practice lesson.

  • Spelling Test

    The online spelling test simulates a live classroom spelling test. We recommend students passing with 100% before moving to the next word list.

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3rd Grade Spelling Help

Third grade spelling games, spelling worksheets, and spelling bee activities teach third grade spelling skill. A third grade spelling activity provides an opportunity for children to get the spelling skill to read most two syllable words. These very young children learn through spelling activities including many creative methods that make the third grade spelling program fun for them. Third grade spelling  include spelling words, spelling games, spelling tests, and other spelling activity.

Kids learn best when they are having fun!

  • Colorful lessons
  • Game style learning
  • Interactive animated responses

Free Daily Lessons and Tests

Some children need spelling practice, while others need more intensive remedial spelling programs. Parents can help their children with the spelling process by providing high-quality educational materials.

Third Grade Spelling offers the practice children need to learn their 3rd grade spelling word. The site includes fun, computer spelling and reading programs, which help reinforce spelling skills at home through educational activities and learning games.

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40 weekly spelling word lists

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